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About Us . . .

Listed by the Feline Advisory Bureau (F.A.B )

  • Purpose built by craftsmen
  • Luxury heated units with spacious runs.
  • All needs and diets catered for.
  • Cats only.....no dogs boarded.
  • set in 12 acres of farmland
  • viewing recommended and welcome

About the cattery.

The Hollies Hotel is set in 12 acres of quiet countryside, it is situated very close to our home and with c.c.tv fitted is a very safe and secure place for your cat to stay.
As a husband and wife team the cats are looked after by the same people everyday so they soon get to know us.
The cattery was newly opened in early 2005 being purpose built by local craftsmen to the feline advisory bureau (F.A.B) specifications.
We run the cattery to very high standards in cleanliness and cat care and take great pride in our reputation and being listed with F.A.B.


The Hollies Hotel is an outdoor cattery,the units are full height or penthouse style,each one is suitable for one or more cats from the same family and we also have larger units for upto 4 cats of the same family sharing.
We provide all the beds and bedding an assortment of toys and scratching posts. All units have individually controlled radiators and lights, we can also provide heated beds for added warmth in the winter.There are two sunning shelves and a chair in each unit.Full height sneeze gaps separate each unit and the cattery is fitted with emergency lighting in case of power cuts and the fire alarm is linked to the house for added safety.

When possible The Hollies Hotel provides and feeds the same as its diet at home.Precription diets to be provided by the owner.
Transporting your cat.

Cats should be transported in a strong suitably sized pet travel carrier...remember the cat is your responsibilty until it is inside the cattery.


Collection Service.

In some circumstances a collection/delivery service can be provided
What are they saying about us . . . ?

"Margaret is an excellent example of someone who cares about 'her' cats. She's wonderful and if I were a cat I'd love it!!"

"The cattery was absolutely fantastic.  My cat came back home happy, well cared for, groomed and well fed."

"I wanted to find a good cattery and I struck gold with this one!  Margaret has set up an excellent facility and she runs it with plenty of TLC.  I'd recommend it to anyone."

"Excellent and very friendly service.  I don't think our cat wanted to come home!"

"Very caring, personal touch, very interested in cat welfare."


Tel: 01939 251 723


The Hollies Hotel for Cats, Butlers Bank,
Shawbury, Shropshire. SY4 4HG